Julie Gichuru Blasts KCB Group Over Insensitive ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Ad

April 26, 2017

Television Talk Show host Julie Gichuru on Monday forced the KCB Group to apologize and take down an ad that was deemed distasteful.

The ad which was posted by the financial services institution on social media used an image of child actor Abraham Attah who plays a starring role as Agu, a child soldier in the 2015 film ‘Beasts of No Nation.’

According to Julie, the image is tragic and not for light humor.

“Dear @KCBGroup I have a deep appreciation for your brand. Please don’t do this. This image is from from #BeastofNoNation, tragic, not for light humour. ?  Context is important. In #BeastsofNoNation young/innocent Agu is turned into a vicious child warrior. Victim & perpetrator.  Uzodinma Iweala weaves a deeply painful/tragic story of Agu, a reality for so many child soldiers. Pls don’t make light of this.
Instead, do join the effort towards peace & stability in Africa Let’s end recruitment of child soldiers not make irresponsible humour of it,” wrote Julie on her social media pages.

Taking to their official twitter handle, @KCBGroup, the financial services provider responded to Julie expressing regret over the use of the image.

“We deeply regret the oversight and we thank you for highlighting it. While no ill intent was intended, We would like to assure you that proper care will be taken in future to avoid situations such as this,” said KCB.

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