Judge Jo-1 Finally Speaks After the Outfit She Wore to Blankets and Wine Caused a Major Fuss Online

April 13, 2017

To you fashion is just rocking a T-shirt and some Air Max sneakers but to judge Jo-1 formerly of Sakata, fashion is bold, it’s a statement and means of expression which shouldn’t be taken lightly.
In line with that, she always works hard to make sure her fashion sense goes hand in hand with her lifestyle which is heavily immersed in the Arts. Sometimes I also suspect it depends with her mood and feelings at the time when she’s leaving the house.

Sometimes she’s feeling elated and thus bold colours become her cup of tea while at times…she prefers to go random mixing up all types of clothing and accessories to bring out her own distinctive style which trust me you’ll never get to see anywhere else.
Like did you see the outfit she rocked on the just recently concluded blankets and wine?

Totally mind blowing yes? Or is it different? Fashion cops had a field day with her analyzing every intricate detail of the outfit and so did her fans too. Most were simply fascinated by just how she managed to pull off such an outfit despite being a mother of 3 with the youngest only being slightly above one year old.

This is however not the first time her outfit is causing a fuss, she has had a run in with fashion watch on Citizen TV which trashed her outfit. We decided to call her up just to find out what’s the deal with these audacious outfits and this is what she had to say:

“Back when I had had the baby and was 6 weeks postpartum Fashion Watch basically trashed my outfit which is strange since I was finished wearing maternity wear and had just about recovered from the C-section stitches.
I was at the safaricom jazz fest with my 3 kids. I’d like to see the judges on fashion watch attempt that without some serious tailoring done to their clothes and professional makeup. At that time I didn’t respond but it was sad especially for two women to respond to my style choice like that. Especially since Nairobi isn’t considered to be the fashion hub of anywhere in the world.

I never did dress according to anyone’s standards or so- called trends. I love colours and bold statements. I’ve been through too much in my life and I will not apologize for my choice of clothing-which is something so futile and passing anyway.”

And there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth…walk along now!

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