Gunman Robs Couple, Rapes Woman as Husband Watches in Umoja Estate

April 28, 2017

Police officers arrested a man Wednesday on suspicion of rape, gun possession and robbery with violence.

The arrest comes after a couple reported that they were attacked and robbed by a gunman while on their way home in Nairobi’s Umoja 3 estate on Wednesday 4 am.

According to the report, the gunman ordered the man to leave his wife behind then dragged her to a nearby building and raped her as he watched while hiding nearby.

“After the ordeal, the couple then followed the man and saw him enter a nearby house,” a police report says.

They reported the incident at Mowlem police post before police officers from Buru Buru police station were alerted. The officers followed the couple and arrested the suspect without any incident.

The officers recovered a Kenya Police revolver inside the suspect’s car registration number KBL 948Q.

Upon interrogation, the suspect confessed to have bought the revolver from a police officer stationed at Buru Buru police station at a cost of Sh50,000.

The officer was arrested and confessed to having stolen two guns and sold them to the suspect and another person who is still at large.

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