Full Text: Isaac Mwaura’s Concession Speech

April 27, 2017

Good morning Team.

The results are out and the people of Ruiru have spoken on who should be their next Member of Parliament.

We did our best and we live to fight for another day. Our bid was a debut for a person with albinism and also a youth to ran for a high level political office in our constituency and country. This in itself has had its own challenges. Like many pioneers such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rev Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama, Wangari Mathai, Martha Karua, Nelson Mandela, and recently Hillary Clinton, its never easy but someone had to do it. Someone had to be the first to pay the price and create a pathway of possibilities.

Our candidature was the best in relation to the true roles of a quintessential Member of Parliament. It has helped fight stigma and discrimination, break glass ceiling, push the awareness and inclusion agenda forward, and inspire many other people in our great country and beyond to stand up and be counted.

I remain committed to the dream of the Jubilee Party and most sincerely thank H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H and his able deputy H.E William Samoei Ruto for the great support and faith that they gave us.

To all my supporters, let us support the winner Simon Ng’ang’a King’ara of whom I called at 4.11 am and congratulated him. I wish him well in serving the people of Ruiru and wish to assure him of my full support in exercising his mandate, for leadership almost invariably, has capacity to transform society.

We now join hands in consolidating the jubilee presidential votes towards the August general elections in order to ensure that President Uhuru Kenyatta and our deputy William Ruto secure a 2nd term.

I truly want to thank all TeaMwaura volunteers who constituted people of grate talent both young and old. Vijana, warembo na Mwaura… thanks a million!! Thanks for believing in us and in me, giving your all, never doubting that indeed we stood a chance to victory. We ran against candidates who had more experience and who had been onthe ground for nearly 10 years doing what we did in slightly more than a year. We will be there someday and am certain that this campaign has left us better than the way we started. People of great talent and resource, well put into good use.

For all those who supported us financially, materially, emotionally, in prayers and more so those who turned up to give us their votes, I say thanks alot indeed. Thanks for believing in us against all odds.

We have ran the race, we have kept the faith. Victory belongs to the LORD.
Thanks once again and may our good LORD bless you.

Hon Dr Mwaura M Isaac CBS MP.

9.00 am
Ruiru, Kenya. 26th April 2017.

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