Residents of a village in Naivasha are reeling from the shock of a bizarre act by a middle-aged man who cut off his private parts on religious grounds.

The man who is said to be from the Akorino faith, chopped off his private parts and threw them to a dog saying they were of no value to him.

He claimed the Bible had directed that one discard any body part that would deter them from entering heaven.

“The man claimed the Bible ordered him to discard any body part that would deter him from entering heaven,” Chege, a resident told journalists.

Chege added that they found him writhing in pain and bleeding profusely.

The man is said to have started the severing with a razor blade before finishing off the job with a sharp kitchen knife.

Screams from his one-room house attracted members of the public who alerted the police. He was rushed to Naivasha sub-county hospital.

According to Chege, the man was able to eat some bread with soda before police came to his rescue.

He added that the man worked in one of the quarries and never interacted with residents.

A woman at the scene claimed the man was impotent and decided to sever the body part “as it was not of any service to him”.

Joseph Mburu, the superintendent in charge of the hospital, said the man was in critical condition.

A video report courtesy of K24: