REVEALED: How Joyce Akinyi Was Busted Trafficking Drugs at her Nairobi West Club

March 3, 2017

Details of how Nairobi businesswoman Joyce Akinyi was arrested for drug trafficking have been revealed by an undercover detective.

The undercover detective, Mr Humphrey Mwenda, on Wednesday revealed how he and colleagues arrested Ms Akinyi after busting a drug trafficking network in Nairobi two years ago.

Ms Akinyi was arrested on March 25, 2015 at her Deep West Club in Nairobi West where detectives were led by a suspect, Alex Otieno who delivered a package containing narcotics.

Mr Mwenda told a Kibera Court that they had earlier arrested Mr Otieno at Dam 2 Estate in Langata following a tip off.

“Mr Otieno led us to a house where we recovered a bag containing a white substance we suspected to be narcotics. Further search revealed that Mr Otieno had concealed sachets containing a white substance in his socks,” Mr Mwenda said as quoted by Nairobi News.

During interogation, Mr Otieno revealed that the house belonged to Mr Kelvin Oduor and the rent was paid by a Ms Risper Auma.

“He told us that Risper had called requesting him to deliver the substance he had hidden in his socks to a person at Deep West.”

“We called officers from Anti- Narcotics Unit. As we waited for them, our team split into two. Two colleagues went with Mr Otieno to arrest Mr Oduor and Risper, while I and another officer remained to secure the house, a servant quarter,” Mr Mwenda stated.

Mr Oduor and Risper were arrested and taken to the house.

“We noticed that Mr Otieno was constantly communicating on his phone. We asked him who he was communicating with and he told us Joyce Akinyi was requesting the substance he had in his socks. She was at her Deep West Resort,” said Mwenda.

Mr Mwenda and a Corporal Cheruiyot then accompanied Mr Otieno to Deep West where they found Ms Akinyi in a salon.

She was apprehended after receiving the substance from Mr Otieno.

The court heard that detectives recovered more drugs wrapped in white and black polythene paper in her bag.

However, the witness was stood down after the prosecution noticed a mix up in the exhibits. The case was adjourned to April 10.

The four suspects are jointly charged with trafficking heroin valued at Sh4.2 million.

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