RAW VIDEO: Watch Robbers Steal Sh4 Million from Naivas, Mountain Mall

March 6, 2017

There was drama on Saturday evening at Naivas Supermarket, Mountain Mall, when robbers pulled off a daring heist and walked out with Sh4 million.

The entire robbery was caught on CCTV cameras.

Two thugs armed with pistols are seen approaching a security guard carrying a huge briefcase, which we have learned contained Sh4 million in it.

For a brief moment, the guard places the briefcase on the floor, and this is when the robbers pounce.

They hastily make their way out leaving a confused guard. They then encounter an administration police officer, who is armed with an AK47 riffle.

However, all he could do was lie on the ground fearing for his life. He however tries to give a chase but did not fire any shot.

Both the policeman and guard have been arrested.

Watch the video.

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