POLL: Kabogo vs Waititu… Whom Will You Vote For?

March 24, 2017

A good number of people who claim to live in Nairobi are actually in Kiambu. That means that as much as they fancy a duel between Kidero and Sonko or Peter Kenneth, they might eventually have to deal with Kabogo and Waititu.

Ferdinard Waititu Babayao was initially honing his craft in Nairobi before shifting to Kiambu. He correctly predicted that Nairobi would not be a walk in the park and moved to Kabete. But being a man with big ambitions, he is out to dethrone William Kabogo as governor.

Kabogo on the other hand is a seasoned politician. He has impressive skills of playing dirty when needed, and acting very gentlemanly when it’s required.

On Wednesday night for example, Kabogo appeared on Jeff Koinange Live and gave a great performance, in the process winning more admirers. The contrasting performance of Sonko a few nights prior was actually to Kabogo’s benefit, because people saw how a governor should behave.

Watch the interview below.

But the politics in the grassroot are always very different. Kabogo is rich and never shy to flaunt his cash. But Waititu is a crowd mover and uses language many Kenyans understand.

Part of the reasons Waititu lost the Nairobi gubernatorial race was because he was seen as a hooligan. Will the same argument hold in Kiambu?

Will Kabogo, who has a very impressive track record of winning elections and is currently riding high in opinion polls retain his seat?

Whom will you vote for?

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