Kenyan pastors will show us things!

A little-known pastor in Embu has stunned the country after he set camp at a funeral home waiting for his wife to resurrect after three days.

The man of the cloth, identified as Pastor Robinson Karumba of Eagle Wings Prophetic Ministries, lost his wife on Sunday, March 26.

He has been camping at the Gakwegori Funeral Home with some of his followers conducting prayers since Sunday. The pastor had initially estimated the resurrection to happen yesterday.

The pastor insisted that he was following the teachings of Jesus which, he claimed, directed that believers would be raised from the dead after four days.

He dismissed his wife’s funeral arrangements set for Saturday, April 1, at Rwika in Mbeere Sub-County, saying the woman’s family on that day “will be rejoicing with her”.

“We believe she is not dead, but merely resting. She is a believer like me and has preached in many places and with prominent preachers. I had to do what I have always preached. Jesus was called to Lazarus’ home after he had died for four days.

“Even my daughter said my mother will come back of Wednesday, and that is why I came today. We are playing guitar and other instruments because she was a musician,” declared the preacher.

On twitter, the hashtag #PastorGithumba has been trending as KOT share their reactions to the incident.

Some reactions: