Moses Kuria Makes Public his Academic Record, Says Joho Only Got Spelling of ‘Mihadarati’ in Kiswahili Paper

March 29, 2017

The cat’s finally out of the bag! Sultan of Mombasa, Governor Ali Hassan Joho scored a D- in his KCSE exams and he is not ashamed of it.

The embattled governor put the matter to rest yesterday when he admitted attaining the dismal grade at Serani Secondary School in the year 1993.

While declaring his grade, Joho shared a short life history on what he had to go through to get educated.

“From right when I was in primary school I supported my family in selling onions. And by the way, I had to wait for a while to raise the fees for admission to Serani Secondary School and when I did, at that young age, I’d leave school and look for work. For those who do not know, I worked as a porter here at the Old Port and I used to be paid Sh80 after loading every truck from those dhows that come from Somalia; carrying either scrap or TVs, whatever the cargo that was imported.”

“I take pride, really, as a Kenyan to be what I am today. I want to inspire other Kenyans that I can’t go through all I went through to put myself through school, get a D minus then give up and it becomes the end of the road for me. I’ve come from far yes, and I have faith I’ll go far. That is why you hear me all the time saying I have ambitions of being the President of this republic because my God has made it possible for me to be what I am today.”

Joho’s confession caught the attention of Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who took to social media to fire a shot at the governor.

Wondering what Joho scored in Kiswahili, Moses Kuria alleged that the only question Joho got right in the paper was the spelling of ‘Mihadarati’ (Drugs).

“I wonder what this n*gga got in Kiswahilli. I am sure the only question he got right is the spelling of MIHADHARATI,” wrote Kuria.

The controversial MP also made public his academic records and challenged CID to invite him for questioning on his credentials.

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