Mix Up: Uhuru Posts Ugandan Soldiers Photos Thinking They are KDF, Quickly Deletes

March 17, 2017

The guys who run President Uhuru’s social media pages were yesterday left with some explaining to do.

Following Wednesday’s State of The Nation address in Parliament, they have been posting some cute graphics on Facebook and Twitter to hype sections of the President’s speech.

However yesterday, they blundered.

“Even as we recognize the sacrifices that have been made so far, we appreciate that this war is not yet won. I urge you all to stand firm in the support of our men and women as we continue our critical mission in Somalia,” read the president quote, with an image of armed soldiers making the perfect background.

One problem though… those soldiers were not actually KDF soldiers. A closer look at the flags on their uniform shows they are Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).

When this was pointed out by those commenting, the photos were quickly taken down. But not before we caught them.

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