I Was With a Chicken Because I Fear Approaching Women, Bungoma Man Tells Court

March 1, 2017

18-Year-Old Kevin Simiyu on Monday shocked a Bungoma Court after admitting to commitiing an unnatural act with a hen.

Mr Simiyu was caught redhanded last Friday at around 7pm defiling a hen by its owner, Judith Nasimiyu.

He pleaded guilty to the bestiality charge before the Principal Magistrate Stephen Mogute claiming he feared seducing women.

He told the court that he was despised by women because he was poor.

“Your Honour, I was caught defiling the hen by its owner. I fear approaching women because of high level of poverty and I feel women are very expensive. Yes I did it,” he said.

The owner of the bird told the court that the hen died from exhaustion while the veterinary officers were searching for evidence.

The magistrate ordered that Simiyu be remanded at Bungoma GK prison until March 2 when the court will deliver its verdict.


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