Hilarious: Nairobi Guy Demonstrates How to Negotiate Dowry and Get a Wife for Free (VIDEO)

March 27, 2017

With the hard economic times facing most Kenyan youth, young men are increasingly opting out of marriage to avoid paying dowry.

As a result, come-we-stay arrangements are the most common form of modern marriages as young men continue to hope for the abolishment of the old tradition of paying for a wife.

However, in marriages where dowry must be paid, a new method of negotiating for the lowest possible bride-price is available.

Popular comedian Jaymo Ule Msee in his lastest skit demonstrates ‘how to negotiate for a wife’s dowry Nairobi style.’

In the video, Jaymo who plays the groom, engages his bride’s father in tense and outrageous negotiations for great comic relief.

Watch the clip below:

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