Westgate Attack Featured on 24: Legacy… But There’s One Problem (VIDEO)

February 22, 2017

Mild Spoilers Ahead

CCTV footage of 2013 Westgate Mall attack has made its way to one of the biggest TV franchises, 24.

A few weeks ago, 24: Legacy – a spin-off of the hugely popular series premiered on Fox. It follows the same concept as its more famous brother, where events unfold in real time during the cause of a day.

Monday’s episode 4 was titled ‘3:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.’

In this episode, we got to see Carter operating within CTU for the first time in their continuing search for the stolen list of sleeper cells.

It is now clear which terrorists they are dealing with, and the seriousness of the matter requires input from other departments of government.

Former head of the CTU Rebecca Ingram was tasked with briefing the Director of National Intelligence on the enormity of the task ahead.

She had prepared a video presentation for him, showing a terrorist attack at a market in Alexandria Egypt, carried out by Bin-Khalid.

“Over 200 people lost their lives, including 18 Americans,” she explains.

One problem though… that footage is the actual attack of Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, where 67 died.

Who knows whether Fox was too broke to re-create an attack, or just wanted it to look real.

Here’s that clip.

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