SAD: Nakuru Diabetic Woman Rescued by Sonko Rescue Team Passes Away

February 9, 2017

Grace Muthoni Mburu, a Nakuru woman whose struggle with diabetes captured the hearts of Kenyans has passed away.

Mrs Mburu died yesterday morning with her caring husband, James Mburu, by her side.

Since 2013 Mrs Mburu had been suffering from Cerebral hypoxia occasioned by Diabetes complications. She suffered at 5th month of pregnancy and doctors had to terminate the pregnancy to save her life.

Grace was blind, deaf, lost memory, and could only feed on NG-tube.

Mr and Mrs Mburu’s heart-wrenching story melted hearts across the country over two years ago when a teary Mr Mburu appeared on TV narrating the difficulties they had been facing.

In the interview, Mr Mburu revealed that he lost his job to take care of his ailing wife.

“I was a cook at Ndege Secondary school and she was a tailor and had a shop. We had to close all our businesses so that I could take care of her,” Mburu said in an interview.

“My wife is now dumb and cannot handle any household chores. The situation worsened last October(2015) after she had a miscarriage in the fifth month. She then lost her senses.”

Here’s a video recap of the moving story:

In April last year, the Sonko Rescue Team came to Mrs Mburu’s rescue and have been helpful in ensuring doctor’s appointments are met.

According to Ndungu Nyoro who broke the news of Grace’s passing on Facebook, she was showing signs of recovery all through until her demise.

Our deepest condolences to Mr Mburu and family.

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