It’s 2017, and Moi Still Uses That Ancient Rotary Dial Phone He Used To Fire Ministers With at Noon

February 17, 2017

10 years after the first iPhone was made, retired president Daniel arap Moi couldn’t give a hoot.

He still owns (and probably uses) an ancient rotary dial phone. And who can blame him, especially when it comes with so many fond memories.

I’m pretty sure he misses the good old days when he would sneeze and we all caught a cold.

It was rumored that he loved firing cabinet ministers while they were officiating public functions, for total impact (read embarrassment). I therefore understand where he is coming from when he insists on clinging on that ‘museum of history’ item.

Not confirmed, but I also heard that if he wanted to give you a call, Telkom Kenya would immediately swing into action, bring all the poles and wires to your house and as soonest possible connect you to the grid.

I’m sure hearing his voice on the other side of the phone must have been terrifying.

President Uhuru paid him a visit yesterday, and there it was… right on the table.

At first I thought that maybe it was there for decoration purposes. Then I went back to the archives and found a similar story we published in 2014.

Read: Moi Still Uses a Rotary Dial Phone… in 2014

Once again, the rotary phone lay on the table ready to be picked up. But from the pictures then, it looks like a different one.

It’s possible the room lighting and cameras contributed to the different colors, but it’s also very possible that Moi owns several, and most likely uses them as his primary mode of communication.

What a nice piece of reminder of the bad old days.

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