‘Foodie’ Jalango Breaks Down Why Big Hotels Give Big Names to Simple Food and It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

February 21, 2017

From his acting days in Citizen TV’s ‘Papa Shirandula’, comedian Phelix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalangoo has always been known to have a huge appetite for food.

As such, he is the real foodie and his latest stunt proves beyond any doubt that he knows more than a thing or two about food.

In a clip he shared on social media pages, the comedian, radio presenter, events MC, attempts to explain why big hotels give big names to simple dishes.

In the clip, the comedian is seen from his hotel room of an undisclosed hotel going through the menu’s contents and later sampling a main course meal.

Check it out below:

Big Hotels give simple Foods big names….let me help you??????

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PART 2 The Food is here.. …let’s see if it’s what’s in the Menu?????

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