Thug Life: Guy Confiscates Matatu’s Number Plate After Conductor Withheld his Change

January 13, 2017

The next time a rogue matatu conductor refuses to return your change, especially during this trying January times, you might want to borrow a leaf from this guy.

Samuel Njuguna going by @LordeSirm on twitter stunned social media on Thursday after taking off with the number plate of a public service vehicle, for leaving him stranded on the highway and withholding his change.

As the story goes, Njuguna at 6:30 am boarded a matatu at Roasters and after the conductor had collected the bus fares from the passengers, the matatu was pulled over near KCA University by a traffic police officer who then proceeded to arrest the conductor.

Njuguna had given the conductor Sh1000(the only money he had) to deduct Sh50 fare.

Left with no other option, Njuguna went to the driver’s side of the vehicle and took the car insurance sticker.

As if that was not enough, he found a spanner inside the car’s glove compartment and used it to dislodge the vehicle’s number plate.


His clever antics proved useful after the driver of the vehicle caught up with him and refunded his money.

For the better part of yesterday, Njuguna was everybody’s hero on twitter.

You could say Njuguna hapendi ujinga!

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