This Could be a Chance To Start Your Own Business and Build an Empire

January 10, 2017

January is dreaded nationwide. After spending the last penny in December, the next paycheck can’t come soon enough. Many people are trapped in this seemingly endless cycle of paychecks. It may sound convenient, but rarely fulfilling… at least financially. Never mind you’ll still have to deal with a boss and we all know how that often goes.

Those waiting for a salary at the end of the month are the privileged few. Kenya is witnessing record unemployment rates. Rough estimates place the figure at around 40%. Which is to be expected in a country where the rich invest all their cash in shopping malls and gated communities instead of factories.

Most of us would love a situation where we work normal hours and are paid very well, but our economy does not support that. For many Kenyans, self employment becomes the only option.

But how do you start a business? no idea? no capital? Well, at least someone is willing to give you a shot. is a new website that is out to lift interested Kenyans from the grips of poverty.

Basically, Softsoko is offering software to manage tasks in your company to commercial software to start your own business. The site is offering you the best chance to finally start something of your own with the lowest budget and a full plan.

But the best part, especially for someone just getting into self employment, is the ‘business ideas’ section. Not only does Softsoko list things you can do with its tools to generate income, but it also gives a detailed breakdown of how to go about it and the mathematics of how much you can expect to earn.

In a nutshell, what you get is the idea, the requirements, plus a fully made software application to manage the idea and make it possible.

I can keep writing but it amounts to nothing until you see what I’m talking about. Head over to right now and turn your life around.

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