The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday January 4)

January 4, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

Is Your Estate Affected? Here is The Full Water Rationing Timetable for Nairobi

China’s ambassador to US is ‘open to working with Trump’ – CGTN

Why is ISIL targeting Turkey? – CGTN

Chinese smartphone vendors scoop 40% of Indian market: report – CGTN

Some dinosaur eggs took 3 to 6 months to hatch: study – CGTN

Trump claims he’ll stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions — and says China has been weak

Check out Delta’s new Canadian airliner that’s trying to challenge Boeing and Airbus

THE $10 BILLION CLUB: Meet the 8 most valuable startups in the US

9 hidden Xbox One features only power users know about

The crazy life of billionaire socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein

The story of how Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster and led it to rule the world, in 39 photos

Lenovo takes on Amazon Echo with Smart Assistant

Facebook apologizes for removing photo of nude Neptune statue

Older smartphones get locked out of WhatsApp

Oh nothing, just a terrifying snake eating another freaking snake on video

Try not to laugh at this fan absolutely losing it over a soccer player’s last name

Trump Threatens North Korea, Insults China In 140-Character Snippets

Many Americans Don’t Believe Trump Can Handle Presidential Duties

This Country Just Made Every Citizen An Organ Donor, Unless They Opt Out

New Mexico Store Bans ‘Obama & Other Muslims’

Police Question Israeli PM Netanyahu Over Corruption Allegations

Istanbul attack: Teenager’s holiday trip ends in tragedy

US officials: Russian ‘digital fingerprints’ all over election hacks

Touching video shows toddler rescuing twin

Trump gives colorful New Year’s Eve speech

Pilot passed out in cockpit, police say he was drunk

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ makes its debut

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