Raila Odinga: “Jacob Juma Killers Now Want to Eliminate Governor Joho”

January 20, 2017

It is politics season and politicians are doing what they do best by mudslinging their rivals.

Oppostion leader Raila Odinga, a master of the art for as long as we can remember, has sensationally claimed that there is a plot to assassinate Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho because of his stand against the Jubilee leadership.

Mr Odinga, speaking at Isebania town in Migori County on Thursday, went further to claim that the people who killed prominent businessman Jacob Juma are now palnning Joho’s assassination.

“People who killed businessman Jacob Juma now want to eliminate Mr Joho because of his political stand… let them try,” he said.

Raila added that it was time for “elderly and experienced politicians to take power from the immature young leaders.”

“We are determined to send home the Jubilee administration this year. We cannot afford another day of corruption and bad governance after the August General Election,” he said.

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