OMG: Matau Driver Caught on Camera Driving Against Oncoming Traffic on Busy Superhighway

January 25, 2017

After watching this video, you can now claim to have seen it all.

We cannot say that we’re surprised, though. Kenyan motorists, especially matatu drivers are renown for flouting traffic rules like they own all the roads and highways.

In this particular case, we are not sure if the driver was aware he was breaking the number one traffic rule or he was just a notorious daredevil.

The driver was caught on camera driving an empty 14 seater matatu on the wrong side of the busy Thika Superhighway as he appeared to look for an exit which was not coming for the duration of the one minute video.

The video that has gone viral on social media has reached Chairman of the Matatu Owners Association Simon Kimutai, who has called on NTSA to take immediate legal action.

Watch below:

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