Muhadhara: Jimmy Gait Accused of Swindling a Marketer Sh20,000 in 2015 (Screenshots)

January 24, 2017

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has been accused by one of his service providers of failing to settle costs for a marketing job done back in 2015.

A distraught complainant exposed the ‘Muhadhara’ singer on a Telegram channel that outs cons and deadbeats.

The complaint read: “Hello, kindly help me expose a con gospel artist Jimmy Gait. I did an online marketing campaign for him in August 2015 on a local website, he was marketing a project where he was giving out motorcycles to his fans as a way of giving back to the society. The promotion was for one month and to date he hasn’t paid 20K of which we had agreed for the entire month campaign. Till to date he doesn’t pick up my calls or reply to texts with all sorts of excuses. (sic)”

The post also contained screenshots of Whatsapp conversations between the marketer and the singer

Responding to the allegations, Jimmy Gait told Word Is, “I am more of a creative so sometimes I lose sight of some small administrative issues. It’s really unfortunate that someone would go public with something we were already handling privately. Everybody falls behind sometimes, in my life I have had many ups and downs but I always come out ontop. I have dealt with this issue it is now behind me, I am focusing on the future. I am working on some new exciting things that I will be announcing soon.”




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