Who would go and steal a TV at the Supreme Court?
The cost of flat screen TVs have reduced so greatly over the years, that you can get a beautiful 32 inch for less than 20k.
Flat screen LCD or LED TVs further come with wall brackets mostly used for public displays.
Traditionally, when TVs were to be hoisted up for viewing by a big number of people, a special cage had to be designed, which not only provided support, but also security.
Now, with the cost of TVs so low, people just attach them to wall brackets without need for a security cage.
Our Supreme Court however is stuck in the old days.
This was taken during the swearing in Deputy Inspector General Joel Kitili.
Metal cages are ugly and unnecessary anywhere. To make matters worse, this is the Supreme Court. A building with round the clock security.
In contrast, this is Duale’s office.