Mbari ya Hiti: Team Mafisi’s ‘Mecca’ Located in Murang’a

June 10, 2016

mbari ya hitiTeam Mafisi are pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a ‘Mecca’; a place they can go pay homage to those that came before them. Just kidding.hiti
But there is a place called ‘Mbari ya Hiti’ in Murang’a County. That loosely translates to ‘The Clan of the Hyenas’. There actually exists a clan by that name, and probably the place was named after it.
“Ours is a reputable clan, and we should not be linked to Team Mafisi. We are proud of this name. It belonged to our forefather who fought to have us here,” Samuel Macharia, a descendant of the clan told Nairobian newspaper.
The clan has been in existence for more than a century.
“It was hard mentioning the clan name to my parents. They too were reluctant, because they feared one of my sons would be called Hiti,” a young woman who recently married into the clan told Nairobian.

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