Retired President Moi Killed by The Internet

June 10, 2016

Martha Karua greets Former president Daniel Moi at a wedding last Saturday. Photo – The Star

I would like to get into the minds of people who kill others online to see how they work. Why someone would sit down and make up such a story is beyond me.
On Tuesday, Papa Shirandula actors Awinja and Naliaka were ‘killed’ by a certain blog.
Yesterday, it was the turn of retired President Daniel arap Moi.
Apparently, Moi had died of cancer at his home in Kabarak, Nakuru.
His spokesman Lee Njiru told the media that the 91 year old former president was fit as a fiddle.
“Mzee is well and busy. Those spreading such rumors are sick in the head,” Njiru said.
Those who create these stories should know that Moi has some incredibly good genes. Some of his siblings went on to live past 100 years, and even at 91, Moi looks healthier than most of us.

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