Boniface Mwangi is Broke and is Selling His Motorbike

June 10, 2016

Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday made a public admission many of us cannot dare.
Most of us, especially public figures, live beyond their means buying things they can’t afford just to maintain a certain image.
Boniface is however not like most people, and yesterday he admitted that he is broke.
He is currently in the process of self publishing a photography book, and that must have eaten into his finances.
As a result, he has decided to sell his motorbike.
“I am totally broke as l try to self-publish my photography book.You can own a piece of me for cheap.Call 0722 728655” he wrote on Twitter.
Well, I don’t know what those who accuse him of using donor funds to enrich himself will say. The guy has his integrity intact and we should applaud him for fighting for society, even when we don’t all agree with him.
You might not buy the bike, but the least you can do is buy the book when it’s out.
Here’s the bike.

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