Preacher: New AMC Hit TV Show Filmed in Kenya (VIDEO)

May 27, 2016

irunguKenya as a high budget filming location has been losing a lot to South Africa. Many upcoming movie makers have chosen South Africa, even when the movie content involves Kenya. This is mostly attributed to perceived insecurity and lack of government incentives.
But while we cry foul, we are still one of Africa’s top Hollywood movie making destinations, after South Africa and Morocco.
US TV channel AMC, famous for Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, has a new hit show. It’s called ‘Preacher’ and is the only thing Americans are talking about right now. With a 9.2 IMDB rating, Preacher already has a cult following, never mind it has only aired one episode.
A mysterious entity from another world lands in earth and is looking for a ‘worthy’ host. It enters the bodies of preachers all over the world, and if it considers them unworthy, that particular preacher ‘explodes’ there and then and the entity continues with its search.
Its first stop is a slum church in Nairobi. (Spoiler Alert)
The preacher is unworthy, and without warning explodes in front of his congregation. The entity continues with its search and briefly inhabits Church of Scientology preacher Tom Cruise before deeming him unworthy and killing him. Towards the end of episode 1, it finally finds a worthy host and we get a glimpse of its power.
Here’s a video of the part shot in Nairobi. You can see KICC on the background. The preacher is Kenyan actor Irungu Mutu.

Here you can see Irungu on set with director Seth Rogen
With Executive Producer Sam Catlin.
With his stunt double.
Episode 1 is available for free on YouTube, but you’ll need to work your way with VPN if outside the US.

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