POLL: Jacob Juma’s Widow NOT Interviewed Yet. Are Police Just Pretending To Be Investigating?

May 13, 2016

jacob jumaJacob Juma’s widow yesterday made a damning revelation during her late husband’s requiem mass. She said that despite police claiming they are investigating the murder, she has never been questioned or requested to record a statement.
She also said that despite Karen Police Station being just near their home, she has never received communication from the police even on that fateful day. She learnt of her husbands death from other sources.
In a homicide investigation, the first point of call for the detectives is the family. Before you even talk to workmates and friends of the victim, the spouse should be interviewed first. We’ve seen it a million times in movies and it is the logical thing to do.
The Inspector General asked Cord leaders to record statements, but you may be forgiven for thinking that it is a PR exercise.
Most times, the first person you’ll confide in if you feel your life is in danger is your spouse. When you’re no longer seeing eye to eye with so and so, you’ll probably tell your wife or husband.
She may even have more information than what Juma had already made public on Twitter.
In my opinion, this one act by the police is really indefensible. It clearly shows very little is happening once the cameras stop rolling.
What do you think. Are the police really interested in finding out who killed Jacob Juma?

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