Lucky or Unlucky? 28 SportPesa Jackpot Winners Share Sh40 Million

May 31, 2016

spoWinning the SportPesa jackpot is every punter’s wish. We’ve seen guys from upcountry come all the way to Nairobi to collect their prize money.
It becomes even more enticing when the number goes up. For instance, following several weekends of no winner, the figure had risen to almost Sh41 million this weekend.
Just imaging your joy when you guess all the games correctly and start dreaming of the things you can do with Sh41 million. You can buy a big car and still remain with lots of money for a house, more land and even start a huge business. Not forgetting a well deserved holiday.
And then SportPesa drops the bombshell. There are just one of 28 winners.
Each winner takes home less than Sh1.5 million.
It’s still a lot of money, but a heartbreak nonetheless.
Those who predicted 10 and above games correctly received bonus as low a 1000 bob.
Do you think this bunch of jackpot winners are the unluckiest?

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