Isiolo Governor Hires Chopper To Take Students to School Due to Bad Roads

May 11, 2016

isioloDevolution Works! Here’s another great use of our taxes.
Isiolo governor Godana Doyo over the weekend hired a chopper to ferry stranded students from Cherab due to heavy rains. It’s not clear whether he was taking them to school or home from school.
On Facebook, the governor wrote,
“I hired a chopper today to ferry stranded students from Cherab due to heavy down pour. I also visited families whose houses were damaged as a result of the rains in Bassa. In the meantime, we are in discussions with the department of special programme to offer relief to the affected families”
“Ferrying stranded students and families from Cherab due to heavy down pour . I call on relief Agencies like Kenya Redcross to work together with the county government in supporting the affected families”
It is a shame that the governor resulted to spending hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, to hire a chopper because of his own government’s inadequacies.
I’m surprised he thought posting pictures on Facebook would give him positive PR. Reading through the comments, he must have regretted instantly.
The message was clear; Spend money building roads not hiring choppers.

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