Hilarious: Kinyanjui The Reporter Perspective on Bungoma’s “James Bond Wafula’

May 19, 2016

wanjalaJames Bond Wanjala, James Bond Wafula, Bungoma Commando…These are some of the aliases that Saleh Wanjala 41 has acquired since he hitched a ride on a helicopter carrying the body of the slain city businessman Jacob Juma.
What many of us saw was a silly man risking his life for a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in(on) a chopper. However, Guess Work’s Kinyanjui The Reporter has highlighted some of the facts that most of us missed from the incident.
As usual, Kinyanjui’s perspective is laughable.
Watch below:
NTV Kenya – #PressPass: Kinyanjui’s Perspective on… | Facebook

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