5 Things You Didn’t Know About KBC News Anchor Bonnie Musambi Including his Political Aspirations

May 3, 2016

bonnieBonnie Musambi is without a doubt one of the most accomplished radio and TV personalities in the country.
The KBC Radio Taifa and KBC Channel One journalist spoke to Taifa Leo newspaper where he revealed several things about his early life, how he became a journalist, where he was born and what he used to do before landing the job at KBC.
The popular journalist is also eyeing a political seat.
Here’s his story:
1. Where he was born and raised
Musambi was born and raised in Kitui county in 1981. His parents were Catherine Musambi and the late Paul Musambi. His father passed on in 2004 following a battle with diabetes.
His father was the headmaster of Mulango Primary School in Kitui.
2. His education
Musambi went to Mulango Primary School and later joined Kisasi secondary school in the year 1997. He finished in the year 2000. He later joined Mombasa Polytechnic in 2005 where he studied journalism.
He is currently taking a degree in Communication and Public Relations from Daystar University.
3. Talent
Apart from being a talented radio and TV personality, Musambi is a talented song writer and singer and has the ability to imitate other people’s voices. While in high school he composed songs for the school choir which helped them go up to the national level.
He also likes gospel music a lot and has helped a number of churches compose nice songs.
Apart from songs, Musambi has the ability to imitate other people’s voices. This explains why he was picked to be behind the voices in the popular XYZ show, a comic show that educates Kenyans on political matters.
In the show, Musambi imitates Deputy President William Ruto, Raila Odinga, Wilson Sossion, Joseph Nkaissery and Moses Wetangula.
4. Early life
While growing up, Musambi went through a lot of challenges. After high school, he had to fend for himself after refusing to become a teacher as his parents had advised. He always wanted to become a journalist but his parents were opposed to that. He had to leave home when the situation became untenable, especially after falling in love with a girl from his local church, something that angered his parents.
They opposed his plans to marry her because of the allegation of his father being a witch.
Musambi had to do menial jobs to earn a living. Among the things he did was being a waiter, store keeper and a  cleaner.

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