UNBELIEVABLE: Bomet’s Sh7 Million Fire Engines are Actually Car Wash Pumps (VIDEO)

April 4, 2016

In August last year, Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto lauched 3 fire engines for his county.
Here at Nairobi Wire, we called them for what they were; ‘Ugly pick up trucks converted into fire engines’.
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It turns out they were not just ugly, but ineffective too and a total rip off.
Each truck cost Sh7 million by the governor’s own admission.

Now this weekend, they were put into test and someone was on ground to document it.
Kirui Jeplanget posted a video on Facebook, and it has since gone viral. We see one of the trucks rushing to a scene of a burning house. There appears to be no trained firemen in sight, and the few guys fighting the fire are not in proper clothing.
The worst part however, is the fire fighting system. The water pump, hose pipe and nozzle are definitely not what you would expect in a fire truck. They look a lot at what is used in car washes, and cost about Sh100,000.
Watch the video of the ‘fire engine’ in action.

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