The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday April 11)

April 11, 2016

A look at some of the biggest headlines today.
Too Big To Fail: Full List of Kenya’s Safest Banks

Accidental Millionaire: This Guy Found Sh800 Million in His Chase Bank Account

Brussels terrorists planned new attacks in France, prosecutor says

India temple fire: At least 105 people killed

Will Smith, former Saints player, shot and killed

William and Kate begin first tour of India

Wyoming Democratic caucuses: Bernie Sanders picks up another win

Prank caller convinces Burger King workers to bust out windows

Who’s qualified to be President? 11 takes

Archbishop learns his father is different man

Manny Pacquiao beats Bradley, hints at retiring

Nigeria to send a man to space?

Fox News anchor pushes Obama on ISIS comments: ‘Do you worry about terrorism the way Americans do?’

Guys, these are the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear

A Japanese railway company is launching an ‘invisible train’

This guy has tracked every meal he’s eaten for the last 4 years – and he was shocked to see just how much he spends on food

Mark Zuckerberg has a ‘yellow’ version of Facebook on his phone with all kinds of special features

Disney has 6 ‘Star Wars’ movies planned through 2020 – here they all are

BMW is turning 100 – here’s its story

Hundreds of British mums ‘breast-ironing’ their daughters with rocks and hammers

Yaya Toure will pay up last year of Manchester City contract to quit Etihad

Paul Walker’s daughter wins $10.1 million settlement

Tourists in Japan could soon use their fingertips to pay for stuff

Archbishop of Canterbury finds out he was conceived in a drunken ‘liaison’

Watch these people break the world record for largest human mattress dominoes

Jennifer Lawrence wants a ‘new normal’ body type

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