“Stick to Bullfighting,” Boni Khalwale Told After ‘Huddah Moment’ following Kenya 7s Victory

April 18, 2016

boni khalwalePoliticians’ huge desire to comment on everything, especially when quick points can be scored, is well documented.
Yesterday, Kenya Sevens made history by beating Fiji to clinch their first title at the World Sevens Series. The only other African country to do so is South Africa.
Everyone and their mother took to Twitter to offer their congratulations to Benjamin Ayimba’s boys.
Not to be left behind, Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale also tweeted his congratulations.
Only that this is the world series and not the world cup, and Kenyans were quick to tell him off.
@ItsGithinji – sasa huyu jameni.. just stick to bullfighting
@tndemwa – Don’t join a bandwagon for stuff you are clueless about.Ni hayo tu kwa sasa
@tndemwa  – am just saying we have our facts right before hitting that button. No?
@SyokiKagz – stop trying to fit in, #Kenya7s
@BensonItabari – world cup??? Point of order Mr. Speaker Sir @KBonimtetezi must withdraw the statement.world cup??? Point of order Mr. Speaker Sir @KBonimtetezi must withdraw the statement.
@crookedQue – angalia huyu @KBonimtetezi same way you confuse bills in parliament, bure kabisa
@Tony_Makumi – nktest… Stick to “kimunya must go”.. Suits u better n that’s where words win u a ” word cup”. Ruji achia wenyewe #Kenya7s
@ViolahNgetich – hahahaha..jeeez,how can one person be this clueless!!..I have given up!

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