POLL: Should Julie Gichuru Involve Herself in Gambling?

April 13, 2016

julie gichuruFootball gambling is the biggest thing right now. Sporpesa has captured the imagination of Kenyans from all walks of life. From those in bespoke suits to the boda boda riders.
Everyone seems to have a plan for the weekend. Which mostly sounds like this: ‘Research and analyze’ the weekend’s games, place 100 bob on a multi-bet, get a few extra hundred shillings and head to your usual, then watch and hope your investment grows to Sh6000.
Almost 90% of the gamblers lose their money and the cycle continues every weekend and in some cases during the mid-week fixtures.
Following the success of Sportpesa, many other betting sites have come in. mCHEZA is another popular bookmaker that was founded by TV personality Julie Gichuru.
Unlike other major company owners in Kenya, Julie Gichuru chose not to remain in the background, but to take the spotlight as the face of the company. Perhaps this was meant to utilize her celebrity stature to win more customers.
Over the years, Julie gained the reputation of the voice or reason, a ‘proper’ lady and someone who speaks out against the ills of the society.
For her to then launch a gambling site, was a surprise to many Kenyans. This plus her association to the Samuel Gichuru, the corrupt former KPLC MD wanted in Jersey, does not do well to her reputation.
Things reached boiling point yesterday when mCHEZA started trending following lower than expected bonus winnings. Kenyans who had been keeping their opinions to themselves for many months let it all out.
Here are some of those tweets.



However, things turned around and many others who still hold her in high regard started a hashtag to show support.


What do you think? Should Julie Gichuru involve herself in gambling?

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