mCHEZA Jackpot Winners Left Fuming After Low Bonus Winnings

April 13, 2016

mchezaWhat was supposed to be a great weekend for gamblers ended in tears as bookmaker mCHEZA slashed their bonus winnings to a mere Sh175.
In the same weekend, two people won and shared the Sh21 million jackpot.
Basically, a Jackpot has 13 or 15 games that should all be predicted correctly for one to win the entire amount. However, since it is incredibly difficult, bookmakers offer ‘bonus’ amounts for correct predictions of 10 games and above.
These bonuses vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but are basically in the thousands.
Over the weekend, mCHEZA customers who had predicted enough games correctly to warrant a bonus were left in shock after receiving only Sh175 from a bet of Sh100.
The betting company associated with Julie Gichuru said that there were so many winners and hence the winnings ended up being so small. In total, mCHEZA says there were more than 7000 bets that qualified for a bonus.
Trimming winnings and even cancelling bets is not new in the betting world, but here in Kenya it is still an infant industry.
Gamblers took their anger to social media, some even calling mCHEZA the next ‘Chase Bank’.
The bookmaker tried to explain the situation.
But Kenyans continued attacking it on social media.

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