Kenyans on Social Media Ruthlessly Attack Lady Who Called the Late First Lady Lucy Kibaki Ugly

April 28, 2016

A lady who had the guts to call the late First Lady Lucy Kibaki ugly, has received an angry backlash from social media users.
When news of Lucy Kibaki’s demise broke, Linet Awuor took to her Facebook page to post, ‘She was the ugliest first lady in the whole world. May her soul rest in peace.’
Well, she did not expect what ensued later. A social media user unearthed her photos and posted them on social media comparing her to Mama Lucy’s at her 20s.
What followed was a tirade of insults, shaming and never ending trolling by angry Kenyans who felt her sentiments were disrespectful.
We have sampled some below:
Tess Kabungu: She looks like a crocodile”
Margaret Nyoike: It’s really unfortunate the generation of today has the guts to call, insult, abuse their elders, abuse each other, yet we don’t know each other…”
Kirika Githaiga: And ugly ape calling an 82 year old woman ugly ? What a shame.”
Gladys Murebeh: A cross breed of zijanthropus and rhodesian man.”
Phoebe Muchugia Mutisya: Where did respect of our elders go to? Where is the respect for the dead? Where is self respect???”
Ginah Rey: Sasa huyu na evolution hajamaliza amekwama kwa homohabilis bado nkt naanaona wengine”
Higgs John: That lugubrious and grotesque creature lacks moral authority to talk about beauty, she should be the last to comment though we are all created in image of God this one i have demurred.”
Joe Mithamo: No comparison. Ni kama giza na mchana.”
Sandrah Njoki: “Incomparable!!! She looks like a rhino’s arse!”
Simon Irubu: The ‘older’ Lucy Kibaki was much much prettier that this monkey-face!”
John Mwaura Gitau: The wide of her mouth and big nose can tell u what she is. I thought she is a donkey eating andazi.”
Dennis Kangethe:Nyanya mzee huyo.sura yake nikama ya mbuta”
Before her account was deactivated, someone captured this screenshot.

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