The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday March 29)

March 29, 2016

A look at what’s making headlines today.
PHOTOS of ‘Kenyan Socialite’ Jecca Craig – Prince William’s Ex-girlfriend Getting Married in Kenya Tomorrow

Kenyan Man Marries Florida Woman with the World’s Longest Dreadlocks (PHOTOS)

At least 38 killed in suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan

This man built a bedroom ‘pod’ because San Francisco housing was too expensive

Photographs reveal the destruction left behind by ISIS in the ancient city of Palmyra

19 failed soda brands you’ll never taste again

17 charts that show just how scary Amazon’s $275 billion business really is

These are the watches worn by Wall Street’s most powerful men

RANKED: Every actor who’s played Batman, from best to worst

Trump’s history of controversy with women

Ivanka Trump announces the birth of her third child

Volcano in Alaska sends ash spewing 20,000 feet

Man arrested Sunday connected to foiled France attack, police say

Mother Mary Angelica, nun who built Catholic media network, dies at 92

Facebook Safety Check for Pakistan malfunctions

Al Jazeera announces 500 job cuts

Bernie Sanders sweeps voting in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

Edible spoons promise to be tasty while saving the planet

Dad extraordinaire David Beckham sews dresses for his daughter’s dolls

North Korea propaganda video depicts nuclear missile obliterating Washington

Adele calls pressure to breastfeed ‘f*cking ridiculous’

Mississippi House approves firing squad as execution method

Rooney faces a fight for his place after a brilliant night in Berlin

Ozil says Arsenal ‘need reinforcements’ to challenge for the title

Zlatan saga shows we are not the dining table of top players

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