SHAME!!! Coast General Hospital Turns Away Assaulted Woman Because She is Dirty (RAW VIDEO)

March 18, 2016

coastThe Coast General Hospital in Mombasa has been put on a blast by a concerned citizen who filmed a shameful incident this week.
According to the woman who recorded a video that has since gone viral, a doctor at the hospital refused to treat an assaulted woman because she was too dirty.
As the story goes, the assaulted woman was bleeding heavily and could not speak when she stumbled into a hairdressing salon. The hairdresser and the woman who recorded the video rushed her to Tononoka Police station to file a report.
The sad and shameful part came when they took her to the General Hospital for treatment. Apparently a doctor at the hospital took one look at the lady and shouted out to the guards to immediately remove her from the hospital as she was too dirty.
The post on Facebook read,
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From a member :
Today is a very sad day for me as i have lost faith in the very institution that is supposed to help and cure us . I live near moons cinema area of mombasa and today at around 7.30pm a lady came stumbling into the hairdressing salon opposite my house. She was bleeding heavily and couldnt speak. The hairdresser called me and a friend to assist and we helped the lady into a tuktuk
And rushed her to tononoka police station to file a report as we knew it would be needed as she had definately been assaulted . The police were extremely helpfull and speedily wrote out the OB. And even helped the lady back in the tuk tuk and they advised us to rush her to hospital.
We got to the Coast General Hospital and rushed in helping the lady into the hospital. We asked for immediate assistance from a doctor and one promptly appeared.
The doctor took one look at the lady and shouted out to the guards to immediately remove her from the hospital. We were duly shocked and asked him why he was doing this to which he casually replied ” she is too dirty we cant treat her ” As you can imagine i went mad ! So we were all thrown out of the hospital and i think the rest of this sad story you can watch the clip we managed to film on our phone and decide for your selves the direction our health services in this beloved country is going. The guards did try to snatch the phone from us when they realised we were filming but we managed to walk away….

Here is the video
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