PHOTOS – SGR’s Mombasa Station Construction Begins, and it Looks Heavenly

March 24, 2016

As much as Jubilee government is getting a lot of stick for things going wrong, we can agree that they’ve got the Standard Gauge Railway right… at least so far.
The multi billion project has been fast tracked and is due for completion in June next year. Some can argue that the early completion is a political move considering it will just be months before the elections, but we can agree if that’s how politics are played; by actually delivering before the elections, that’s a good thing.
Anyway, construction of the Mombasa station has started, and from the artist’s impression, it will be a gem.
Meanwhile, Simba railway station situated in Masimba area of Makueni County is the first Passing station to be completed under the Mombasa – Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway project.
The station facilities includes a signal building tower, THDS (Shaft Hotbox Detection System), Pump house for water well, Comprehensive Workshop building, Living house, Duty room, and Guard room.
Check out the photos.

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