Okoa Kenya Signature Forgers Had So Much Time That They Drew Cows

March 25, 2016

okoa4Kenyans have not had a good laugh in a while, until yesterday when IEBC paraded some Okoa Kenya signatures to the media.
This week the electoral body put a halt on the movement, saying they did not reach the required 1 million signatures. Of course the opposition fought back saying this was Jubilee talking not IEBC.
Yesterday however, IEBC revealed what exactly they were dealing with, and unless Cord comes with a better response, IEBC takes the day.
It was clear that most of the signatures were forgeries, with hundreds if not thousands of them clearly done by a single person. Many lacked names or phone numbers, while the majority of signatures were simply garbage.
The one that cracked a lot of ribs is the cow(ish) drawing.
It is sad to think that it is this same opposition that wants to run the government in 2018. Collecting 1 million signatures may not have seemed like a big deal, but now that they’ve failed, it becomes a very big deal. It puts into question their capabilities.
But I’m tempted to think that the reason Cord even pushed for Okoa Kenya and went ahead to present those obvious signature forgeries to the IEBC was in the hope that the IEBC would throw out their referendum drive, so that they (IEBC) can ‘prove themselves unworthy’ of holding the next general elections.
It may seem far fetched, but Raila is a man known for clever political strategies. I would think he prefers winning wars not battles; or marathons not sprints.
But I guess they did not think Isaak Hassan would parade the awful artwork to the media.

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