Meet UON Campus Girl Accused Of Bedding the High and Mighty for Money and Power – PHOTOS

March 14, 2016

Now that campus politics have become a serious thing, many aspiring politicians have been putting their best leg forward to try their luck in bagging nominations and winning elections. And just like the normal politics, lots of money is always needed for one to carry out an effective campaign in campus.
On that note, a youthful lady who ‘defends ladies’ rights’ in UON, has been accused by a fellow comrade of bedding the high and mighty in the political world in order to get the cash to finance her campaigns, as she is now eyeing an even bigger seat than she occupies at the moment.
anita epale
According to the allegations, Anita Epale is said to be a magnet for governors and now drives a very expensive machine (BMW X6) thanks to the cash she raises.
anita epale 1
anita epale 2
Here she is.
anita epale 3

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