Man Served With DEATH Penalty For Stealing 1/4 Kg of Meat and Body Lotion – DETAILS

March 17, 2016

erick omondiA robbery that took place back in 2013 has seen a man get slapped with a death penalty after being found guilty of making way with a quarter kilo of meat and body lotion from a shop in Nyeri County.
On Monday, a Nyeri court sentenced Mr. Robert Gathogo Ngunjiri to face a death penalty for breaking the law and undertaking in a robbery with violence. Samuel Baya (the accuser), explained that Ngunjiri and ten other youthful men approached him outside his shop then all of a sudden, started mercilessly beating him up before leaving him unconscious.
It is after being mobbed and overpowered by the gang when Gathogo got into Baya’s shop, stole a 1/4 kg of meat plus a body lotion cream and other unidentified electronic gadgets.
Since the date of the incidence, the case has been ongoing for three years now before the court made the last ruling to have Robert face death for his inhumane actions.

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