Makueni County Assembly Building Goes Down In Flames – PHOTOS + VIDEO

March 8, 2016

There seems to be so much heat emanating from politics of late that it is even causing fire in some counties. A day after their neighboring Machakos county expressed it’s disappointment over their missing governor, Makueni County Assembly building reportedly went down in flames.
Residents who were shocked by the incidence said that the inferno reduced everything in the building to ashes as attempts to rescue documents and properties therein became a wild goose chase for them. Until now, the cause of the fire is still a mystery to both police and occupants of the assembly chambers.
As we wait to know what really led to the fire, below are pictures of how huge the flames were.
Makueni fire 5
Makueni fire 4
Makueni fire 3
Makueni fire 2
Makueni fire 1

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