Teachers in Vihiga Caught On Camera Torturing High School Girls – RAW VIDEO

February 25, 2016

A Vihiga Girls High School teacher has exposed how her colleagues ‘bully’ and give girls in the institution punitive punishment for the normal mistakes that students are expected to do everyday. The ‘exposer’ said that those found on the wrong are usually paraded before a panel of 10-15 teachers who take time to cane the girls, each giving a minimum of 3 strokes.
In the video clip that was recorded back in 2015, a group of about 5 teachers can be seen taking turns to ‘instill discipline’ deep into the hands of some girls. The sad thing about the incidence is that the teachers get permission from the principal to go on with a practice that the law has already banned.
Here’s the video of the kind of harsh and hostile treatment Kaveye High School girls have been undergoing in the hands of merciless teachers.

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