SHOCKING! Maseno University Lecturer and Girlfriend Found Lying Unconscious On the Floor

February 18, 2016

maseno-universitynewvc-696x257A quite mysterious incident took place in Maseno University in Kisumu on the eve of Valentine’s Day, when a lecturer at the campus was found lying unconscious on the floor next to his girlfriend with foam coming from their mouths. Acording to reports by security guards, the Community Health lecturer entered his office at 11 am on Friday in the company of a female who was later identified as his girlfriend.
In the wee hours of the evening, the two are said to have been found unconsciously lying down on the floor by a security guard who was on patrol. After calling on police to get to the bottom of the matter, a hospital syringe and other unnamed drugs are reported to have been found stashed in the lecturer’s car.
Speaking on the incidence that shocked the campus, Jasper Otieno, the university spokesman, said that police were still looking for answers on what might have led to the two passing out.

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