SHAMEFUL! 3 Elderly Women Caught Stealing Phones at Domino’s Pizza – PHOTOS

February 19, 2016

The fortieth day arrived for three elderly women who became the laughing stock of the town after their attempt to steal from unsuspecting customers at Koinange Street’s Domino’s Pizza went against their plans. Suspected to be part of a larger gang that steals from prominent and wealthy people, the trio was nabbed with pricey smart-phones, classy purses and stylish music players.
Explaining how they run their trade after being beat at their own game, the women explained that they mainly focus on fast food outlets in town, walk in and buy food/drinks then wait for rich-looking unsuspecting customers who leave their bags/handbags unattended while going to make orders or when visiting the washrooms.
Strategically positioned, they quickly pounce on an opportunity when it presents itself, i.e they grab the bags and put them in their bigger bags and then walk out of the scene immediately and camouflage in the hundreds of strolling pedestrians.
Well, it was their fortieth day on Tuesday. Below are some photos taken after being outmatched by security guards and the eyes of the security cameras in the premise.
caught 5
caught 2
caught 1

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