SAD! Hit and Run Car Leaves 13 Year Old Boy Hospitalized With Serious Injuries – PHOTOS

February 23, 2016

A 13 year old boy named Geoffrey Mwangi has been left fighting for his dear life in a hospital bed after being knocked down by a car that sped off immediately after the accident. Onlookers were shocked by the merciless driver’s inhumanity as he chose to leave the boy for dead, not bothering to pull over his car to check on the poor boy.
It took the compassion of good Samaritans who picked up the injured boy and rushed him to hospital where he is currently recuperating in. In case you know the parents/relatives/guardian of the hospitalized boy, you can call 0720 567 417 for more information on how to get to him.
Here are some of his pictures after being admitted in hospital.
Geoffrey Mwangi 1
Geoffrey Mwangi 2
Geoffrey Mwangi 3

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